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NDVTA and NDVMA Conference Joining?

At one point of the year, this was brought to our board’s attention and there was a slight discussion of the NDVMA possibly wanting to have a conjoined conference. There was a very mild conversation and what came of it is that our association wants to basically survey the technicians across our state to see if there is any interest. This is to only gather some insight and helpful information at this time; we have not met with the NDVMA formally to even determine any further thoughts. What we know at this time is if we were to pursue a conjoined conference we would be looking at the 2021 session. The conference would be moved to early August and likely in Bismarck, possibly Fargo. This survey is to NOT create mass hysteria, it is to only gather your thoughts. We would also have goals of continuing the Luann Lee Scholarship silent auction.

Possible pros of conjoining forces:

Cost sharing on speakers would be a possible pro for our association. Thought behind this is if committees from both the NDVMA, and NDVTA could share speakers on different topics so that there is the ability to have both veterinary and veterinary technician topics. Attending personal could sit in on whatever talk they would choose for that hour of CE. There is also the option that we can have some conjoined sessions should the topic be appropriate. There is also the great potential that we may also be able to afford better speakers on better topics which would equal a better in state conference.

Sharing resources is another pro for the NDVTA. Currently we have basically the bare bones of a board planning the yearly conference. One board member is doing double duty of secretary and maintaining our website. The newsletter person often attends the monthly meetings and is the only person that is truly spearheading the newsletter that you have all been receiving as members of the association. We do not have a newsletter committee, website committee, scholarship committee, fundraising committee, or most importantly for conferences an education/CE committee, the NDVMA has some of these and could help us bring in better speakers and vendors with their resources.


One is that there is a great concern for rural technicians being able to attend if their veterinarian/owner goes to the same conference and we understand the most businesses wouldn't close for a day or more. The last thing that we want to do as an association is a disservice to technicians across the state that cannot afford to go to out of state conferences to obtain their CE credits. So, I encourage you to PLEASE take this to your owners/veterinarians and gather their thought on this as well.

Conference 2021 survey


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