LuAnn Lee Memorial Scholarship

The LuAnn Lee Memorial Scholarship was started in 2000 in remembrance of one of the NDVTA dedicated and valued members.

Luanne Lee graduated from the NDSU Veterinary Technology program in 1979.  Right after she graduated she was employed by McLean County Veterinary Clinic PC, where she was employed until it closed in 1993.  She was then employed at Sheridan Animal Hospital in McClusky, ND. 

LuAnn was instrumental in the organization and structure of what we as an organization are today by helping write the constitution and bylaws that NDVTA currently operates under.  She was a strong believer and promoter in the importance of participation and membership with in our professional organization.  While she was in the organization she had been very active.  She served in various different positions including- Secretary, Treasurer, President Elect, President, Past President, Newsletter Editor and the NDVTA State representative to NAVTA. 

LuAnn also helped draft the Veterinary Technology Practice Act of North Dakota, which helped clarify specific licensing criteria for LVT's, strengthen their professional standing, and provide guidelines for continuing education to help maintain their level of professionalism.  She also worked to find sponsors to introduce the legislation to the North Dakota Legislature and testified and lobbied to gain passage of the Veterinary Technology Practice Act.

On December 2, 1999 LuAnn lost her life in a car accident.  The organization decided to start this scholarship in memory of her and all the hard work she did for the veterinary technicians in our state and for our organization.  Their goal was to award the scholarship to a person of LuAnn's caliber.  The first Scholarship was awarded to Andrea Brandt at the 2001 General meeting in October.

Past Winners

Andrea Brandt-2001

Jill Rockswald -2002

Hannah Mudder -2003

Carrie Harviel -2004

Stephanie Geisinger -2005

Veronica Stans - 2006

Karrisa Anthony - 2007

Sarah Volk - 2008

Sarah Schaible - 2009

Erin Schill - 2010

Jessika Peterson - 2011

Christine Nodsle- 2012

Christine Nodsle - 2013

2014- no applicants

Allie Thelen - 2015

Hillary Cudmore - 2016

Katie Sperling -2017

Allison Beard- 2018
Jenni Mittleider - 2019
Allexis Grabowska - 2020

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