NDVTA Annual Conference 2020

Covid19 Update

As we all know 2020 has been and continues to be a strange and unpredictable year.  We, the NDVTA Executive Board, made the difficult decision in July to cancel an in person Continuing Education Conference.  We realize that December 31, 2020 our license renewals are due along with proof of CE.  That began us on a journey to attempt to provide CE for all of us.  We have worked diligently with each other, sales reps on behalf of speakers, the Examining Board and others to put together a virtual conference via Zoom.  The topics in this Virtual CE have been approved by the Examining Board, and if you attend a full day you will be approved for 6.5 credits.  When renewals come due the examining board is planning to add a check box for those of you who have all virtual CE for the last 2 years, be sure to fill out your renewal forms appropriately!

If you plan to attend this virtual conference there are some differences from past years that need to be addressed.

1.  Your registration form MUST be postmarked by September 25, 2020.  If not, it will be returned.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  We need these 2 weeks, between deadline and the conference to finalize plans, email invitations, etc.

2.  You must be signed up for Zoom

3.  We need you UP TO DATE email address to send your invitation, proceedings manual, and CE Certificate

4.  WE will be posting access codes throughout the day of the conference.  These codes will be REQUIRED to be turned in to the CE committee to prove you were in attendance.  After receiving these codes from you, the committee will email your CE Certificate.  You will receive credit hours for the access codes YOU turn in.  This is an arrangement with the Examining Board to make sure people don't just turn their computers on and leave.  By using these codes, the Examining Board is willing to allow us to do the conference virtually.

5.  Please consider running for a NDVTA Executive Board Office.  We are in need of President elect.  This is a 3 year term that takes effect January 1, 2021 and goes until December 31, 2023.  We are also in need of a treasurer.  This is a 2 year term that takes effect January 1, 2021 and goes until December 31, 2022.  If you are interested or know of someone who is interested, please nominate them on your registration form.  If you nominate someone besides yourself, please contact them to make sure they want to do the job OR five us their phone number so we can contact them.

6.  There will be NO refunds

7.  There will be NO half days.  The number of access codes you turn in will be the number of CE hours you will have on your certificate.  6 access codes=6.5 credits/hours, 3 access codes=3 credits/hours. 

8.  There are going to be some AWESOME prizes given away!  The biggest ones during the General Annual meeting, so stick around to win some stuff and help us get some things accomplished!  We are planning to have some t-shirts made through Bonfire, stay tuned to Facebook or continue to check here for ordering details!


We would ask for your patience and understanding during this conference.  We are all volunteers and are learning as we go.  Please remember we are doing our best with the new circumstances and technology we are working with.   

Thank you for your patience,

NDVTA Association Executive Board

NDVTA 2020 Fundraiser
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